ATS Educational Consulting Services founder Howard Weaver is known for excellence in education. As a high school business teacher in the small community of Beaverton, Michigan, more than 50 years ago, Weaver’s philosophy and vision grew into the complete ATS Educational Consulting Services suite of programs available today.

All of ATS Educational Consulting Services’ products are born as a culmination of Weaver’s education and technology goals. By the early 1990s, Weaver was working with school districts in their adult education and alternative education programs. He increasingly takes all of these programs many steps further by offering learning solutions via the Internet and customizing learning to the needs of the student. Results are central to every ATS program.

In 2002, ATS Educational Consulting Services used innovation to fill another need on the educational landscape after the No Child Left Behind law was passed. Using technology already in place for the alternative education students, Weaver developed an online, in-home tutoring program for students in grades K-12. This allows ATS Project Success to help by eliminating the need for transportation.

ATS Project Success takes tutoring to the children by supplying them with computers, Internet connections and tutoring software, allowing all children to benefit from SES. ATS Project Success receives dozens of success stories daily. Our proven coaching strategy involves a combination of technology and personal interaction that makes all the difference.

Weaver didn’t stop with this, though. In fact, his ability to combine technology with a personal touch is helping students recover failed classes through the Credit Recovery Programs offered at ATS Virtual School. Available 24/7 online to any student that needs to make up for lost credits required for graduation or level advancement, the Credit Recovery Program makes it possible for students who have struggled in the classroom or with specific subjects to acquire the necessary credits.

In the alternative school environment, Weaver has pioneered the combination of hands-on technical skill development and technology to help students who were not successful in a traditional school environment. If you visit one of the alternative education centers, you’ll find classrooms filled with Internet-connected computers that help today’s learners excel and prepare for the workplace. From Building Trades to Medical Office Assistant, from Music/Video Production to Cosmetology, ATS Alternative School students receive real-world experience in vocational skills so they’re ready for a career by the time they graduate with a high school diploma.