Learn How Academic Credit Recovery Works For You

The solution that turns challenges into opportunities for your students.

Girl disappointed with gradesVirtual school is the perfect solution for students who have fallen behind in credits and need to catch up. Using only the best e-learning software, ATS’s credit recovery program allows your students access to all the requisite high school courses in math, science, English, and social studies. ATS also offers credit recovery in numerous elective courses including foreign languages, personal finance and music appreciation. Click for a complete listing of of the courses available.

An unbeatable combination of technology and human interaction makes our credit recovery program work.

ATS Educational Consulting Services’ credit recovery program features a combination of e-learning tools and dedicated, qualified teachers to help your students succeed. Our philosophy of twice-weekly coaching and one-on-one guidance contributes to our 74 percent passing rate — that’s in comparison to other credit recovery programs with a national average of just 50 percent.

Less paperwork and less time managing for your school district; more support for your students.

In addition to handling all the paperwork throughout the credit recovery program for the teachers and counselors, ATS Educational Consulting Services also provides, state-of-the-art learning software and support for your students. No additional textbooks are required. Your students will be better equipped to master the material and you’ll be notified when a student is prepared to take his or her final exam.  To start one of your students now, download and complete the enrollment memo; we’ll take it from there.

Ask ATS Educational Consulting Services how you can incorporate a Credit Recovery program today.